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Group Discount Program

At Cassidy & Young Insurance Brokers, we specialize in the set up and operation of Group Home and Automobile Insurance Policies.

We presently represent a variety of groups including three Fortune 500 employers and various nationwide accounts, representing in excess of 300,000 individuals.

As a member of one of the groups, you are eligible to receive a quotation with discounts tailored to your specific program. These discounts on automobile and property insurance are also available to spouses, common laws, dependants and retirees.*

Just for receiving a no-obligation quote, we will send you a $5 Tim Horton’s card and enter your name in any relevant sweepstakes.

There are a number of different ways you may contact us to obtain a quotation.

  1. Complete and return the questionnaires below and a broker will email you the quotations requested
  2. Email a request to [email protected] and ask for a broker to contact you
  3. Call us and get a quote quickly 1-866-947-9864
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